Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Backpacking Advice: DIY Backpacking Questions For Food Planning

Packing your food is quite important for DIY backpacking and is one of the many backpacking basics you will need to know for a great trip. It can be a challenge trying to get every little thing into your pack so that you have all the things you will have to have for the adventure, so I wanted to offer you a little backpacking advice. It is possible to pack to much, and this particularly true of sustenance. When DIY backpacking, you should be sure to have a system when it pertains to food so that you don't pack to much; or to little. If you carefully arrange your meals, you can take exactly what is needed. Making a system also guarantees your choices will be light, and work into your backpack with no trouble.

There are three general statements you should take into consideration when preparing meals for DIY backpacking:

1. How much room do you have and what will the weight of the food be?

2. Will the trip require you to have a lot of energy? (consider the landscapes you will be traveling)

3. How long are you going to be gone?

No matter which order you ponder this backpacking advice, if done effectively, you ought to be able to choose what food you need to bring with you.

Prior to considering these three important ideas for DIY backpacking, there are also some other backpacking basics you will need to consider:

1. You will need to plan snacks and three meals a day. One of these meals should be a hot meal. The rest should be quick to put together and not require much, if any, preparing. Do not miss meals when on the trail.

2. By eating the right way, you will be able to keep your energy up when DIY backpacking. Having suitable energy will help you be more attentive when on the trip, and will help you get more sleep at night. For especially lengthy or strenuous trips, you might consider using nutritional supplements.

3. When purchasing backpacking food, try to look for foods that can be prepared in the package. Single servings are great because you are only consuming what you will need. When buying food, easy and simple are the watchwords.

One of the most significant pre-trip actions for DIY backpacking is arranging food. It is essential that you have plenty to sustain you for the trip and you can carry it all. The foods you choose should be nutritious, so that you can maintain proper energy to have fun on the backpacking expedition.

Using backpacking advice concerning backpacking basics is one of the many ways that you can learn to be a good backpacker and have a good time on your trips.

Another great way is by investing in a good backpacking guide or book.  There are many types of these books to choose from.  For the one that I recommend most:

Until next time, be safe and have fun! 

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